The restaurant on the 7th floor where you have a panoramic view of the city of Cusco. and you can taste novo Andean dishes.



- Soup Andean quinua and vegetables s/. 16.00
- Soup the Lionisa onion gratin with cheese and bread gruyeri toasted s/. 18.00
- Cream seasonal vegetables s/. 14.00


(Mix of sprouts lettuce, hearts of palm,avocado, tomatoes, smoked trout and classic vinagreitte)
s/. 22.00 
- Tiradito Trout two flavors
(seasones woth hot peppers paste and yellow chili paste accompanied with cholo and glazed sweet potatoes)
s/. 16.00

Main dishes

- I Jumped - Lomo classic
(Pieces of tenderloin sauteed with onion, tomato classless wine, red rissotto served with arborio rice)
- Alpaca Port wine sauce
(Accompanied with quinoa rissotto and vegetables)
s/. 30.00
- Lomo Pepper with potato cake Tumbay
( Served with glazed asparagus and peppers)
s/. 40.00
- Lomo and mushroom sauces
( Accompanied with rissotto arborio rice)
s/. 35.00
- Trucha grilled with butter sauce, capers
( Accompanied with rustic mashed potatoes)
s/. 30.00


- Sandwiches KOYLLUR
(Grilled chiken marinated in red pepper sauce in pan chabata, lettuce avocado and crispy bacon)
- Classical hamburger meat
(with Edam bacom, grilled onions, tomato, lettuce served with fries)
s/. 20.00
- Sandwiches
(in mold processed cheese bread ham and potatoes in row)
s/. 18.00


- Rice with mil and millefeuille s/. 16.00
- Mazamorra morada s/. 14.00
- Panqueque with fruit salad with passion fruit jam delicacy s/. 14.00